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Few resources for the Airport System in the Italian Recovery Fund

Last 30 April the Italian Government sent to the UE Commission the final text of the Recovery Fund approved by the Italian Parliament, a very important plan which provides over 220 billion euros from EU to devote to new investments in Italy in a lot of different fields (digitalisation, research, infrastructures, school, health system…)

Few resources are intended for the airport system. Assaeroporti, the Italian Association of the management companies of Italian airports, has pointed out this lack of attention of the government towards the airport system and will claim more resources in the next months.

Nevertheless the Italian Recovery Fund will provide for 110 million Euros for the digital innovation applied to the air transport sector.

According the Recovery Plan, the digital innovation projects should allow a better sequencing of the aircrafts, both in the air route space and in approaching the airports, with consequent fuel optimitazion and fuel economy.

The digital strengthening of the sector should concern the development of digital tools of the aviation information as well as the implementation of platforms and services for ummaned aircrafts.

Furthermore the secure sharing of information should allow the creation of a next generation communication backbone able to connect the diversified operative sites of the air navigation services, ensuring the respect of the cybersecurity requirements and connecting Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) to the other involved parts

The projects should provide:

  • the development and connectivity of the Unmanned Traffic Management System – UTM
  • the digitalisation of the aviation informations and news
  • the set up of cloud infrastructures and the virtualization of the operative infrastructures
  • the definiton of a new model of maintanance besides the secure sharing of information.


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