“Ukraine Crisis Response”: an AVSI  project supported by Air Tech Italy


Air Tech Italy is supporting AVSI Foundation (an international NGO working in 30 countries around the world and has its headquarters in Milan, in Italy) that is facing the emergency in Ukraine.

Having a long-term extensive experience designing and managing emergency all around the world, AVSI is transferring the knowledge gained to the benefit of the Ukrainian people deeply impacted by the current crisis. And Air Tech Italy will be very glad to lend a hand in this project.

The project will benefit from, and build upon, AVSI’s partnership in:

  • Poland with AVSI Polska, the Italian Poland Chamber of Commerce and in Ukraine with Caritas Leopoli.
  • Romania with FDP-Protagoniști în educație. In addition, the partnership will benefit from the collaboration with the Romanian Government that is providing a valuable support in coordinating the response inside Romania.

In addition, the partnership will benefit from a network of public and private institutions and stakeholders with whom AVSI are already collaborating that will constitute the basis for a strong intervention and will respond to needs of vulnerable people.

AVSI proposes an intervention based on two main components: a) Access to Health services 1) Protection basic needs assistance

The intervention will focus in surroundings area towards the Poland and  Romania borders


To provide critical health and protection support to vulnerable people and IDPs in Ukraine.

Health objective: to increase the availability and accessibility of health medicines for vulnerable people and children

A1. Supporting vulnerable families providing access to basic drugs

Protection objective:

B1. Provision of basic food and non-food item

B2. Provision of PSS services to vulnerable people and IDPs

MAIN LOCATIONS: Leopoli and Siret

Companies and people interested in supporting AVSI are invited to use the donation channel that could be found on the AVSI website: www.avsi.org – Ukraine Crisis Response

For more information

Roberto Weger, Communication Manager of Sitti and Member of the Board of Air Tech Italy

Rocco Marcuccio, Manager of International Relations of Confindustria Emilia-Romagna and Manager Advisor of Air Tech Italy.