“The future of Security lies in the competence of people and the use of the right innovative technologies.”


We recently spoke to Gabriele Giannini of Air Tech Italy Member ForteSecurGroup. ForteSecurGroup offers an integrated and complete security package. It is one of the few organizations certified by ENAC (the Italian Aviation Authority), qualified for aviation security training. Since its existence the company has received many awards.

Gabriele, can you introduce yourself, your role and the company?

Gabriele: “My name is Gabriele Giannini, I am the Sales Manager EMEA at ForteSecurGroup. In this role I assume overall responsibility for the sales in this region as well as introducing new technological and innovative products to address all security aspects. On ForteSecurGroup I can say that the founder of our company Salvatore Forte, is a retired Carabinieri Colonel. After having held several command positions in highly operative sectors he assumed the role of security manager at the Marco Polo airport in Venice, where he also designed an entire new security system. Today he is Senior Security Manager and Security Consultant at leading global companies with many years of experience in the Security Committee of ACI (Airport Council International Europe). ForteSecurGroup counts more than 300 employees, 3 offices and 1 Training Academy, able to train over 3.000 people every year. The company also has 1 control room for the management of safety & security alarms coming from customer buildings and offices.

Can you say something more about the company’s customer base, its focus on aviation and the services it offers? 

Gabriele: “Our customers are leading companies like: Lamborghini, DHL Italy, FedEx, Ducati, Loro Piana, Tod’s. BNP Bank, the Beretta FireGuns Factory and many more and several airport customers including Bologna Airport and Turin Airport.

Below: Gabriele Giannini (left), Andrea Forte and Alessia Forte (right)

Companies count on us to support them with a wide range of services including:

  • Security Consultancy
  • Security services
  • Security Operations Center
  • Training academy for security (all aspects)
  • New innovative technologies focused security

ForteSecurGroup goes international

Gabriele: ”As stated before, we are certified by ENAC for aviation security training and we train people in airports on all security aspects in an airport environment. For companies like the SAVE Group we perform security consulting and the security training of their staff, we also supply security training to Bologna and Turin Airport and we are now negotiating several potential contracts with airports in Europe. We recently opened an office in Dubai under the umbrella of GCG (Gulf Consulting Group) so we also focus on the different markets in the Middle East.

Gulf Consulting Group offers an integrated and complete analysis in the field of security for major companies with training packages and consulting, offering a holistic view in corporate security. Our staff in the region – which are all experts in security consulting – can support customers with:                   

  • Security project design
  • Security risks assessment and analysis
  • Internal audit and all performance tests of the actual security System           
  • Training for security manager / security specialist
  • Training for culture and awareness security for managerial staff
  • Training for security guards
  • Innovative training «Women in security»

What do you see as the key trends when it comes to safety and security?

We see three key aspects: competences, technology and integration as the key elements that will drive the future of security for airports and companies.

The increased level of security competences: For security services we see the need to increase the level of competence of the security people and we address this by revisiting the training aspects so we address the latest processes and make sure people get the right skills to better address all aspects of security.

The importance of new innovative security technologies: Automation supported amongst others by robots will become important to protect facilities and support the current security guards. When talking automation we think AI, biometrics, etc.… to support a better security of airports on all levels. A lot of security aspects are already automated but there is still a long way to go when it comes to the detection of intruders or maintaining the right level of safety measures. We believe in a mix between well trained people and the use of the latest technologies. Here we not only want to be a prescriber but also a provider of technologies as we have done with social distancing solutions which we developed to address the COVID challenges.

An integrated approach is key where we bring in consultants to perform audits and see what can be improved, starting with the competences of people on the ground to the technologies that have been implemented and how these can be further improved. We need to revisit the end-to-end approach and for this we are in a unique position.

As a final question, why would airports select ForteSecurGroup for their security needs?

Gabriele: “For me this is quite clear, we know the aviation industry very well, not only is our founder a former security manager at an important aviation group and with a military background, we have  hired other people like me that know the aviation industry. We understand the challenges but also how well trained security staff – using the right technologies – can truly make a big difference. By covering all the aspects from audit to training, we believe we are different and at the same time small enough to be flexible in terms of approaches and the introduction of both new services and technologies.

For more information on ForteSecurGroup, check here.