The Board

A strategic direction to drive growth

The Board leads the Association’s strategies and drivers, ensuring the respect of Air Tech Italy’s rules. The Board consists of seven members standing for a term of three years.

Meet our Board Members

Giulio De Carli

Air Tech Italy
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Alessia Forte

Vice President
Air Tech Italy
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Andrea Bonani

Sales Manager
Fives Intralogistics
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Carlo Criscuolo

Founder and C.E.O.
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Gabriele Giannini

Client Services Manager
OCEM Airfield Technology
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Alberto Torresan

Chief Operating Officer
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Roberto Weger

Communications Manager
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I am honored to be nominated as President of Air Tech Italy.

With the precious support of newly elected Vice President Alessia Forte and the entire Board of Directors, it is a role I’m proud to hold and one I am dedicated to doing my best.
In an unprecedented year that has seen the aviation industry suffer, the sector needs to make a huge effort to redefine models and strategies for a clear path forward.

Our aim with AIR TECH ITALY is to bring together key players from across the industry to collaboratively support recovery by representing our supply chain to major stakeholders, as well as promoting qualified initiatives and opportunities for both the National and International market.

Giulio De Carli
President of Air Tech Italy