SITTI Voice Communication Systems for Milan Malpensa firefighters

Sourced from SITTI

Since the end of last December, 2022, SITTI has completed the setup of a new MULTIFONO® M800IP® system at the Malpensa firefighters tower, thus allowing operators to benefit from all the modern features provided by this new VOIP-based system.

In particular, radio and telephone connections using different technologies (e.g. both analogue and VOIP) are seamlessly integrated to give operative staff immediate, efficient, quick access to all communication features.

The firefighters are constantly monitoring all radio frequencies used for airport services, including ground and air traffic control, to be able to immediately react in case of any real or potential risk. Other radio frequencies are listened to, to receive indications and orders from the area and regional firefighters commands. Telephone connections to all other emergency services inside and outside the airport are used to coordinate possible interventions.

The installation and setup of the new system has been carried out by SITTI specialised personnel, that has been coordinated by SEA, the airport managing company, and supported by the local firefighter station, to guarantee a smooth transition from the previous system based on TDM technology to the new VOIP one.

The extremely good relationship between firefighting brigades all over the National territory and SITTI, permits this vital emergency service to take full advantage of the research and development activities carried out by SITTI and to get full support in case of any possible issue or expansion request that can arise from the field.

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