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SITTI and PAME: 15 years of successful cooperation in Brazil

Since 2007 SITTI has been cooperating with PAME-RJ (Parque de Material de Eletrônica) for logistics and maintenance services in Brasil. The local subsidiary (SITTI do Brasil), headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, counts a workforce of more than a dozen technicians and engineers taking care of all the on-site services in this vast country. During the recent REMAN event, SITTI offered to PAME-RJ a commemoration plate to celebrate the 15th anniversary of a successful cooperation.

SITTI’s president, Mrs. Patrizia Crovato, intervened at the celebrations of this important anniversary, underlining the long-lasting excellent relationship between SITTI and the Brazilian Air Force, that made the contract being constantly renewed and extended since then.

Mrs. Crovato stated that the whole company has “a particular bond and sense of gratitude towards the Brazilian Air Force, which is one of SITTI’s most important customers”, whose many installations are often mentioned as positive and comprehensive examples of a fruitful four-hands collaboration between customer and vendor, between user and manufacturer.

“We are really proud and honored to support the Brazil.” – Mrs. Crovato continued – “We thank and praise the technical skills both of Brazilian Air Force personnel and our local staff that cooperate to provide efficient and effective control over a huge airspace which is about double the size compared to Europe”.

“This is the 15th year of mutual trust and collaboration with PAME. I am confident that it will continue for many more years to come, with further upcoming projects in Brazil. From my side, as the president of SITTI, I’ll do my best to always have PAME at the forefront of our engagements and efforts. I thank you for your trust and we are committed to improve with determination and constancy the services rendered and the infrastructure in Brazil.“

Mr. Riccardo Ornaghi, SITTI Area Manager for Brazil, also took the floor, complementing the president’s words with a short outline of his positive experience working side by side with PAME and the great results achieved together. SITTI has been selling its products to Brazil since more than 20 years. 15 years ago we signed a specific maintenance contract with PAME, the organization within the Brazilian Air Force that provides support to all ATC/ATM services in the country.

Since then, the contract have been continuously renewed year after year till now, and we hope we will continue for many years to come.

SITTI’s president, Mrs. Patrizia Crovato and Mr. Riccardo Ornaghi, SITTI Area Manager for Brazil handing over the commemoration plate.