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Representation and Lobbying

Airport systems are strategically important for the development of regions and countries.

Therefore, the cooperation of Governments is an important counterpart for discussing and preparing positions regarding regulatory measures, investments plans, funds and contributions for the companies involved in internationalization and innovation. For this reason, Air Tech Italy collaborates with other Associations (Assaeroporti, Confindustria …) to find synergies and common positions towards Governments and other influential institutions.


Air Tech Italy promotes the exchange of contacts and information among Members through regular meetings and events to share projects and initiatives. We promote working groups on specific issues and markets of particular interest to Members.

Missions and exhibitions abroad

Air Tech Italy plans at least three business missions abroad every year to conduct strategic b2b meetings with general contractors, buyers and international institutions. Air Tech Italy promotes the joint participation of Members at key international trade fairs.

Promotion in Italy

Air Tech Italy plans at least three meetings every year with Italian airport agencies and operators.

ATI’s lobbying activities are directed to ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Agency), the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure, and to EASA. ATI collaborates with these organizations on a range of topics including certifications, rules, and investment plans in Italy.

News and Tenders

Air Tech Italy uses qualified databases and brokers for the selection and dissemination of news and data.

Particularly with regards to airport renovation and construction projects, and promoting synergies and collaboration among the Members in applying.


Air Tech Italy promotes relations and partnership agreements with Associations, Clusters, R&D Centres and Universities.

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