Rodeco: The Airports Pavement Specialist celebrates its 40th Birthday

Sourced from RODECO Group

The RODECO Group is a leader in Europe in Consulting Services for the Evaluation, Management and Preservation of Airport Pavements. It’s celebrating its 40 years of activity.

The RODECO Group stands for:

  • Airport Pavement Evaluation and Management System;
  • Airport Pavement Preventive Maintenance and Rehabilitation.

The company’s mission has been on the assessment of its APMS (Airport Pavement Management System) using a cost-benefits analysis to propose and implement the most effective solutions for the rehabilitation of airport Infrastructures.

More recently the company developed a new and innovative technology for the preservation and the preventive maintenance of airport pavements with the aim of extending the residual life and pavement durability with a minimal budget.

Instead of a full refurbishment of run- and taxiway, this new solution called Rodeco Onyx Asphalt Preventive Maintenance, puts a thin layer of surface treatment on the asphalt layer and thus extends the service life of (expensive) asphalt pavements.

Not only a cost effective but a by far more sustainable solution for airport operators as prolonging the lifetime of existing asphalt layers limits the impact on the operations of the airport nor does it require expensive construction works and limits waste by not having to redo the entire run-or taxiway.

For more information on the Rodeco Group and its solutions check out this page