Reco 3.26 biometric facial recognition system installed in the Ports, Terminals and Airports of Malta.

Sourced from RECO 3.26

Air Tech Italy Member Reco 3.26 successfully concluded the installations of 45 Facial Image Capture Pedestals (part of the Entry Exit system) at the Ports, Terminals and Airports in Malta.

The Facial Image Capture Pedestal solution, designed and developed by Reco 3.26 for border control, is the result of an important research work conducted to meet the needs of Malta Police.

The Facial Image Capture Pedestal, through the biometric facial recognition, makes it possible to verify a passenger’s identity and track his or her passage.

Before the installation in Malta the company developed the ‘Automatic Image Recognition System’, called S.A.R.I., based on Intelligent Recognition (Facial Recognition), today in use throughout the territory for the Ministry of the Interior – State Police – Central Anti-Crime and Scientific Police Department national and in all the Italian Police Headquarters.

In 2019, Reco developed the Face2Fly system, currently present at Catania and Milan-Bergamo Orio al Serio Airports.

Using innovative biometric facial recognition technologies, the system allows authorities or companies to verify the identity of the passenger, trace the passage from the various checkpoints at the airport and verify that (s)he is authorized to access the boarding gate.

To find out more about Reco 3.26 and its solutions check out their webpage here.