MobiMESH inPiazza nominated for the Saudi Excellence Awards 2023

Sourced from MobiMESH inPiazza

MobiMESH inPiazza was awarded the first runner-up award in the Passenger Experience category during the Saudi Airport Exhibition in Riyadh on December 20, 2023

This category rewards solutions that contribute to improving the passenger digital experience within airports, enhance the passenger satisfaction and provide reliable analytics for the airport management decision making.

The MobiMESH inPiazza platform matched most criteria and is a recognition of all the efforts made in the development and implementation of the solution within the aviation industry.

inPiazza is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize the passenger experience within airports. The comprehensive suite of services includes WiFi Engagement, Proximity Marketing, Location Analytics, and Indoor Navigation.

By harnessing the power of video, WiFi, and BLE sensors, inPiazza collects valuable physical analytics data to understand passenger flows. It offers personalized touchpoints to engage passengers effectively, allowing for communication in multiple languages, based on behavior and timing.

Ever more airports adopt the MobiMESH inPiazza platform

The inPiazza platform is used by a large series of Italian airports that include Rome (FCO, CIA), Milan (MXP, LIN), Venice (VCE), Naples (NAP), Bari (BRI), and many more.

What are the most unique feature of the inPiazza platform?

3 of the most unique features of inPiazza platform:

  1. Multi Login guest WiFi with WhatsApp integration for conversational marketing and customer satisfaction purposes.
  2. Location based advertising and push notification platform.
  3. Multi sensor (WiFi, Video, LiDAR, Beacon) location analytics and QR-code based wayfinding services.

What market needs does the platform cover?

The inPiazza platform responds to 4 specific market needs:
1. Improved Passenger Experience: Providing services to make travel and waiting at the airport more pleasant and frictionless.
2. Operational Efficiency: Optimizing resource allocation and improving airport’s operational efficiency by providing data needed for flow analysis and by providing passengers with a wayfinding application.
3. Revenue Generation: Creating new revenue opportunities through location-based marketing by leveraging new digital touchpoints.
4. Communication and Security: Enabling rapid communication of security and emergency information, ensuring passenger safety within the terminal.

Moreover, WiFi connectivity is a key aspect of the passenger journey, and its performance directly affects ACI’s airport rating.

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