Milan Malpensa chooses Softech’s G-SMART system for GSE localization

Sourced from SOFTECH

After 20 years of collaboration on environmental matters, Milan Malpensa international airport has chosen to expand its partnership with Softech by equipping itself with G-SMART, the intelligent tracking system dedicated to GSEs, the aerodrome support equipment for ground aircraft operations.

The wide range of activities associated with aircraft ground operations leads to an equally large fleet of GSEs deployed over a large area and often in widely separated locations.

For an international airport like Milan Malpensa, which alone handles about 70% of all goods in transit at Italian airports, knowing the position of certain ground support equipment (in this case especially the dollys) becomes essential to guarantee the necessary level of efficiency and speed of loading and unloading activities of aircrafts.

G-SMART was developed to support and combine different technologies (including: RFID, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, GPS, ADS-B, etc.) in order to offer the best performing solution in every situation.

In the case of Milan Malpensa, the most performing technology was identified after careful listening to and analyzing the customer’s needs; here the customer opted for a system based on RFID technology, capable of locating a very large number of items scattered over an equally vast area without however requiring complex installations and/or high costs: thousands of passive tags have been installed on as many dolly’s and more than 10 antennas to be put up in specific points have been identified by the Softech technical experts following a careful study of the area.

The specifically developed software, perfectly integrated with the existing system, collects and makes information on location and transits including direction of travel and details of the dolly’s available to the end user. The agreement also includes the installation and the maintenance of the system by the Softech technical experts.

GSE tracking is an activity of significant importance at both an organizational and from a process efficiency level.

The ability to combine different technologies and to integrate them into existing systems entails a significant advantage for the customer who is able to acquire a performant solution without excessive infrastructural and/or cost commitments.

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