IRIDE – Environmental and Sustainability Consulting Services – is a company created by a group of environmental experts focused on the development of new design methods to integrate “civil construction and operation” and “environment”. IRIDE began with a focus on research and has since grown as a company, providing services for environmental engineering as well as providing support for designers and National Agencies in the development of significant infrastructural projects. IRIDE provides consulting services for the issuing of environmental permits:

  • guiding clients through the process and design methods and facilitate them in integrating environmental topics in the civil design
  • helping clients to improve overall environmental performances and minimize environmental impacts and liabilities
  • producing technical documents required for environmental assessment procedures
  • conducting specialized studies, such as for appropriate assessment, noise pollution analysis etc.
  • provide technical and operational assistance during assessment processes.

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Product & Services

IRIDE provides all the activities required by a sustainable airport:

  • Air Quality Modeling

Using different and appropriate modeling systems and different methodologies, IRIDE can assess the air pollutant generated by many different sources.

  • Noise Modeling

Using different and appropriate modeling systems and different methodologies, IRIDE can assess the noise pollutant generated from many different sources.

  • Biodivesity studies

To solve negative impacts, developing solutions to improve habitat and species conservation, and to ensure flight safety and bird protection.

  • Landscape studies

To protect landscape assets and achieve architectural and landscape quality, IRIDE employs consolidated analytical methods and 3D rendering modeling techniques.

  • Marine Ecology Studies

Coastal management, conservation of marine biocenosis and sediment management.

  • Analysis of Alternatives

IRIDE implemented a robust methodology in Alternatives analysis that is objective, repeatable, transparent and “participative”.

  • Land contamination investigation

Land contamination investigation and due diligence audit can help to reduce the use of non-renewable resources.

  • Environmental monitoring

Air quality, Noise, Surface water and groundwater, Electromagnetic field, Biodiversity, Visual pollution, Light pollution, Underground sampling for gas.

Main markets

IRIDE has offered support to a large number of Italian airports, leading them to complete their environmental permit procedures. Moreover, it has been involved in non-Italy activities such as monitoring.

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Attention to the quality of work, respect for the environment and the protection of workers’ health and safety have led IRIDE to obtain the following certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
  • UNI EN ISO 45001:2018

Top 10 Airports served by the company

  • LIRF (FCO) – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (Fiumicino International Airport), Rome

  • LIMC (MXP) – Malpensa International Airport, Milan

  • LIPZ (VCE) – Marco Polo International Airport, Venice

  • LIRQ (FLR) – Firenze-Peretola International Airport, Florence

  • LIBD (BRI) – Karol Wojtyła International Airport, Bari

  • LICA (SUF) – Sant’Eufemia International Airport, Lamezia Terme

  • LIME (BGY) – Orio al Serio International Airport, Bergamo

  • LIEE (CAG) – Cagliari Elmas International Airport, Cagliari

  • LIML (LIN) – Linate Airport, Milan

  • LIRA (CIA) - Roma Ciampino Airport, Rome

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Territorial planning and insertion of an airport work
Study and three-dimensional acoustic simulation of construction sites
Air quality and climate study
Studies on routes as territorial repercussions
Environmental monitoring
Acoustic measurements for facade insulation of buildings exposed to airport noise
Ecological planning of territorial integration
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