Softech has provided systems and solutions for the airport sector since 1991, using cutting-edge technologies and high-quality equipment.

Thanks to our 30-years’ experience, we are able to offer a wide range of tools to monitor, measure and supervise objects and people in motion, as well as the effects they generate: noise, pollution and much more.

All our products are user-friendly and supported by a set of additional services that help airports in minimizing their environmental impact and building up a strong relationship with travelers and citizens.

Our team of experts constantly works to improve our products according to costumer’s needs, because as Softech, we want to please our clients and contribute to their success, guaranteeing them flexible operations and strategies, adaptability and high system efficiency.

We believe in a contained and controlled use of natural resources, and we are committed to the production of products inspired by sustainability principles

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Product & Services

All our products are supported by a set of additional services that help the airport achieve truly smart management and build up a strong relationship with travelers and citizens.

  • SARA:

Environmental monitoring system for the continuous collection and analysis of data on noise and air quality. The information collected through monitoring terminals is correlated with aeronautical activities to calculate the quality indices, as determined by current regulations, and the footprint of noise and the impact on air quality.

  • Public Viewer:

This shows aircraft information and noise data on a map, both in real-time or historical mode. 2D or 3D Interface.

  • Environmental Totem:

Innovative, smart and with a high quality/effect graphic interface, this shows environmental real-time information to travelers. Display touch-screen.

  • SARA IoT:

SARA loT is the system integrated into the SARA platform that allows 360 ° environmental monitoring at the airport. Based on a network of LoRaWAN technology sensors, it allows to monitor a wide range of indoor and outdoor environmental factors with a single platform, guaranteeing efficiency, energy savings, low costs and reduced maintenance requirements

  • SARA Follow Me:

IP camera with double optical and thermal lens mounted on EMS that allows video recording of the noise event and optical / thermal video streaming in real time. Designed for a better and easier validation of noise events, it also allows the visualization of optical / thermal “live” video streams on Public Viewer and Environmental Totem

  • Eagle4Airport:

Web-based system, able to provide real-time map geo-localization and CO2 emissions level of fleets in the airport.

  • G-SMART:

GSE tracking system that combines different localization technologies to identify and track movements, positions, uses and workloads, creating the most performing system depending on the application scenario.


Main markets

With a strong and certified network of partners, we have crossed national borders and are able to provide high-level services and support all over the world.

  • Europe
  • America
  • India
  • Middle Est


We believe in the quality of our products and in loyal, long lasting commitments. We have chosen to walk on the path of sustainable development and take a responsible approach to protecting the environment.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 27001

Top 10 Airports served by the company

  • Malpensa International Airport, Milan - Italy

  • Capodichino International Airport, Naples - Italy

  • Fontanarossa International Airport, Catania - Italy

  • Milano Linate International Airport, Italy

  • Marco Polo International Airport, Venice - Italy

  • Caravaggio Orio al Serio International Airport, Bergamo – Italy

  • Karol Wojtyła International Airport, Bari - Italy

  • Vilnius International Airport - Lithuania

  • King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

  • Viracopos – Campinas International Airport, Sao Paulo - Brazil

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IT SARA Public Viewer by Softech
SARA Environmental monitoring terminal (EMT) in Catania Fontanarossa Airport
SARA air quality monitoring terminal (EMT) in Cagliari Elmas Airport