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OCEM Airfield is a leading global airfield lighting provider with close to a century of experience in the airfield industry. The company is a partner to well over 1,500 airports on all continents with a clear focus to make the airfield safer, more efficient and more sustainable with its advanced airfield ground lighting solutions. Its solutions cover the full airfield with airfield ground lighting solutions; lights, and power and control systems. OCEM is Headquartered in Bologna, Italy and has production activities in Italy (Bologna), the U.S. (Chicago), France (Nice) and China (Suzhou), with sales and technical support centers in South Korea, India, China, the UK, Italy, France, U.S., Mexico and Brazil. Together with Multi Electric (U.S.) and Augier (France), OCEM is part of Aretè & Cocchi Technology, a holding group focused on high-tech businesses leading industrial fields.

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Products & Services

  • A full range of in-pavement and elevated lights for approach, runway, taxiway and apron (available in LED and halogen)

OCEM has one of the most complete and maintenance friendly LED lights for airports around the world. Our LED lights are suitable for ICAO CAT I,II and III, FAA and military runways.

  • Ultra-thin LED guidance signs

One of the thinnest LED guidance signs in the industry tested in all weather conditions to validate IP grade, able to withstand very windy conditions and exposure to a high degree of UV radiation.

  • Single- and three-phase constant current regulators containing circuit selectors

A wide range of single- and three-phase constant current regulators to maintain a constant, pre-displayed and adjustable output current, independent of load or power supply fluctuations for all airfield ground lighting solutions.

  • Built-in capabilities for circuit and single-light control and monitoring

Easy to use, OCEM’s Airport Ground Lighting Control is well suited for regional and international hubs and airports, thanks to its modular and scalable design

  • Advanced systems to control and protect runways and manage air traffic safety

OCEM’s next generation ALCMS interfaces with other airfield systems to improve the performance and reliability of existing functions and implement a whole new set of applications.

  • A full range of in-pavement and elevated lights for heliports (available in LED and halogen)

Heliports have their own set of requirements that we meet including inset and elevated heliport lights, and precision approach path indicators for heliports and floodlights.

  • Turnkey Project Management

Full turnkey project management services for the airside accompanying or fully managing all airside projects from design to installation and commissioning to the full maintenance of all airside solutions once delivered.

  • A full services portfolio

From supplying AGL Design services to airside run parts to establishing the full training program for all airside technicians or a remote maintenance program using our Augmented Reality glasses. Whatever the service needed, we can deliver it.

Main markets

Our biggest markets. OCEM is a truly global player with a presence over all continents for well over 100 years. Our Airfield Ground Lighting products and solutions can be found back in over 1500 airports on 6 continents.

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin American
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific


A fully certified offer for all markets All our products correspond to the latest requirements from the world’s leading governing bodies ICAO, FAA, STAC, MAK, ENAV, AENA, etc…. besides having received all key ISO certifications.


Top 10 Airports served by the company

  • Rome Fiumicino Airport

  • London City Airport

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle

  • Mexico City Santa Lucia Airport

  • Cairo International Airport

  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

  • Newark Liberty International Airport

  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport

  • New Delhi International

  • Hong Kong International Airport

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