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inPiazza is a Customer Journey driving platform created by MobiMESH inPiazza srl, an Italian company spin-off of the Polytechnic Univeristy of Milan. MobiMESH inPiazza has been on the market since 2008, providing Wifi and Marketing platforms to the two major Telcos in Italy, to several system integrators and to several end users, working now with more than 300 customers including retail chains, malls, airports, tradeshows and public administrations. inPiazza has been rated by Gartner as one of the top 20 Indoor Location Platforms and Services in its report, and MobiMESH has been reported in the Cool Vendors list in 2020. inPiazza has also been listed as one of the most interesting technologies in the Gartner report regarding solutions for Social Distancing and Contact Tracing mechanisms.

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Spinoff of the Polytechnic University of Milan
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inPiazza is a platform to drive the Customer Journey in a digital and physical venue.

  • WiFi Engagement is the perfect onboarding tool to funnel users to a CRM, establishing a conversational relationship with them (f.e. with WhatsApp), to provide added value messages to passengers. The module leverages on the WiFi infrastructure to provide a top quality Captive Portal that represent an important digital touch point with the end user.
  • The Proximity Marketing module continues the journey, by providing additional digital touch points for location-based information and push notifications. The interaction goes beyond the physical space of the venue thanks to the Wallet Pass technology, which enables push notifications triggered by geofencing, BLE proximity and direct push messages.
  • Location and Business Analytics: By exploiting Video, WiFi and BLE sensors, the Business Analytics module gathers data about user behavior in physical spaces, understanding how users move around, where do they spend their time and what catches their interest. inPiazza provides executive dashboards to monitor the Customer Journeys and to take business decisions at a glance.

Main markets

inPiazza is a platform to drive the Customer Journey in a digital and physical venue. MobiMESH inPiazza is currently leader in the Italian Market, where we provide our platform to the top Telcos and System Integrators. In 2020 the company has started an internationalization process, since it can technologically and commercially compete very well on many markets.


  • Italy
  • GCC Area (Emirates, KSA, …)
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • USA
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