LSE was born from the founding members experience. They have been able to evolve their passion for building construction, transforming a young company into a specialized one, capable to face up the most difficult challenges of the modern world.

LSE has been able to expand its entrepreneurial skill in an increasingly demanding and dynamic market, specializing in three sectors: Airport Works, District Heating and Civil & Industrial Construction.

LSE has coordinated major revamping works in Italy, carrying out the processing with quality and precision and perfecting every single detail, demonstrating top-level organizational and management skills, technical and procedural innovation with a high level of know-how and strong operational capacity, essential prerogatives to respect the tight deadlines.

LSE is able to carry out projects amid the day-to day running of the airport, to strict standards and, in the case of airlines, with the risk of penalties and loss of reputation to all if not delivered within agreed timeframes.

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Product & Services

LSE is specialized in impossible works, it is prepared for works that most other companies are unable to do.

  • EMAS Manufactures 

LSE is one of three international companies able to design and building EMAS Manufactures. EMAS arrestor beds are composed of blocks of lightweight, crushable cellular cement material designed to safely stop airplanes that overshoot runways.

  • Airfield lighting systems

Lse is specialized in the installation of airfield lighting systems. Lse is continuously making it our priority to be at the forefront of airfield lighting solutions. We are ahead of the rest when it comes to investing in technological advancements.

  •  Shallow & Deep Base

LSE designs and manufactures modular Bases according to the needs of each airport in compliance with the FAA and EASA regulations.

  • Drainage, and water treatment

LSE is specializes in hydraulic works for the treatment of water from all airport infrastructures, allowing for correct management.

  • HRS System

LSE is one of the first companies to install a new fuel distribution system at Milan Bergamo Airport. In this Airport LSE has installed a hydraulic refueling system defined in technical jargon as HRS (Hydrant Refueling System).

  • 400 Hz System

LSE specializes in the construction of 400 Hz electrical power systems. 400Hz cables are used for the power supply of aircraft, computer systems and radar stations. Due to safety reasons computer systems, radar equipment and communication systems of airports are connected to uninterruptable power supply plants via 400 Hz cables. With that, a total power failure is prevented, and frequency and voltage fluctuations are compensated.

Main markets

The main market of the LSE is the complete revamping of all the infrastructures of an airport such as the runway, the rapid exit, the taxiway, the apron.

  • Italy
  • UE
  • Extra UE
  • USA
  • China
  • Africa


Respect for the environment, site sustainability, correct management of waste and recycled materials, as well as correct management of health and safety are the fundamental points of the LSE.

LSE is accredited to:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001 for Quality Management
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 for Environment Management
  • UNI EN ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety management
  • UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006 for Networks for the distribution of water and natural gas.
  • SA8000:2014 for Social Accountability

Top Airports served by the company

  • LIRF (FCO) – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (Fiumicino International Airport) – Rome

  • LIMC (MXP) – Malpensa International Airport – Milan

  • LIME (BGY) – Orio al Serio International Airport – Bergamo

  • LIML (LIN) – Linate Airport – Milan

  • LIEO (OLB) – Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport – Olbia

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