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The Engineering Group is a Digital Transformation company, leader in Italy and expanding its global footprint, with around 15,000 associates, with over 40 offices spread across Europe, the United States, and South America and global delivery.

Engineering enables Businesses and Organizations to continuously evolve the way they work and operate by combining a deep understanding of business processes, across all market segments, fully leveraging the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies and proprietary solutions. With a strong and relentless focus on Innovation, through our R&I division that comprises over 450 researchers and data scientists (and a global innovation network of universities, startups, and research firms), the Group continues to invest in international R&D projects while exploring groundbreaking technologies and developing new business solutions. The Group continuously invests in human capital, with the internal “Enrico Della Valle” IT & Management Academy, which provides continuous upskilling and reskilling paths for both company employees and stakeholders, with over 15,000 training days per year.

The Engineering Group boasts a diversified portfolio built around proprietary solutions, best-of-breed market solutions, and managed services, and continues to expand its expertise through M&As and partnerships with leading technology players. Our 40+ years presence in all market segments has allowed us to build deep knowledge of business needs and anticipate them by exploring constantly the evolution of technologies, especially in the field of Cloud, Cybersecurity, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics.

This unique approach positions Engineering as a key player in the creation of digital ecosystems that bridge the gap between different markets, while developing composable solutions that ultimately foster a continuous business transformation.

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In any country’s system, airports are a very critical asset due to the large number of passengers, luggage, and cargo in transit, which must be moved at speed and in a synchronised and safe way.

Here at Engineering, we have integrated solutions that provide a concrete response to the changing needs of the airport sector:

  • Flights Information Display System: this provides accurate and comprehensive information, which can easily be configured to operate automatically and provide the user with an attractive display of data. The system interfaces with external system allow the rapid display of information pages to increase the effectiveness of communication to the public and reduce congestion at the terminal.
  • Departure Control System: this manages the departing flights generated by the planning system and allows flight data and operations to be managed.
  • Weight and Balance System: this enables full loadcontrol and balance for passenger, mail, and cargo flights
  • Resource Planning Simulation: this allows planners to improve sizing and resource
    allocation in relation to the effects generated by the scenarios included in the plan.
  • Vehicle Maintenance System: this covers all planning and operational aspects, including integration with SAP for spare parts management. The system encompasses all phases of the vehicle maintenance lifecycle, from the first notification of damage to check-out and return to service.
  • Message Distribution System: this provides immediate routing of message traffic between airport subsystems with end-to-end monitoring and management, complete processing of air messaging on any message transport system.
  • Baggage Reconciliation System: this uses tags and readers to track the location of baggage within the airport, at the gate, and on the plane, and to match all checkedbaggage to passengers.
  • Fuel Management System: this covers all aspects of fuel management, starting from fuel that arrives from external companies and daily quantity and quality checks, to refuelling operations for outgoing fuel and the management of relations and interfacing with customs.
  • Drone-based solutions for the inspection of airport infrastructure and calibration of navigational aids. We offer a comprehensive solution portfolio that includes inspection and calibration of: visual aids, radio aids and infrastructure.

At Engineering we also implement solutions ranging from automation and control systems to monitoring, diagnostics, and maintenance of infrastructures; from physical security systems for operators and users to network security.
We ensure computer security and data protection, safeguarding the systems that support the infrastructure and services for travellers.

In order to guarantee efficient performance and passenger safety, our solutions for integrated management in the building management system of airport stations are able to complete the supervision and management of technological systems, physical safety, the well-being of occupants, and services for end users.

From the application management services of the airport core applications to the management of the CED infrastructure, to the software and dashboard platforms that integrate the information (KPIs) regarding the processes that impact airport management, from Cloud to simulation models (Digital Twin) based on artificial intelligence data, we at Engineering are on hand with an innovation programme that is capable of creating value for all players in the airport sector.

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  • UNI EN ISO 9001
    Quality management systems
  • ISO 14001
    Environmental management systems
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1
    IT service management systems
  • ISO/IEC 27001
    Information security management systems
  • NATO AQAP 2110/160
    Design, development and maintenance of application software for management information systems for military use
    Accreditation in the list ofof registrars with the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID)


In addition to possessing the same ISO certifications as the Parent Company, the 3 Data Centers are TIER IV compliant and meet the specifications set out in the ISO 27001 Certificate:

  • ISO/IEC 27017
    Advanced controls for both providers and customers of cloud services
  • ISO/IEC 27018
    Privacy in cloud
  • ISO/IEC 27035
    Incident management

Top Clients served by the company

  • ADR Aereoporti di Roma

  • SEA Milano Società Esercizi Aeroportuali

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