Mobile & Permanent hangars and buildings


Mobile and Permanent building solutions for airports as aircraft hangars, air terminals, coverages, big doors, and other aeronautical constructions.
The available sizes and customizations makes our buildings suitable to host from small ultralight aircraft and helicopters up to large airliners. The wind and snow resistance capabilities meet every national and international standard. A wide range of accessories is available, like doors, electrical and air conditioning systems, lighting and lifting systems. Specific solutions are available for offices, warehouses, workshops, garages, and air terminals.

Our numbers

100k / m²+
100 m+
500 kg/m²+
50 m/s+

Products & Services

Each Cover Technology building, suitable for both mobile and permanent applications, meets the highest safety requirements in compliance with health and safety in the workplace. Every International standard in terms of resistance, effectiveness and durability is exceeded.

  • Hangars for Aircraft and Helicopters

The best choice for hangars and other airport applications. Quick installation and fully relocatable buildings. This is a perfect alternative to traditional buildings. The same building can be considered either temporary or permanent.

  • Air Terminals

A perfect solution when an additional space or an effective alternative to conventional buildings is required. Quick installation ensuring a perfect working environment.

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Garages

A wide range of applications for both temporary and permanent needs, from manufacturing to maintenance and inspection activities. Wide clear span modular buildings, turnkey solutions and quick delivery time.

  • Warehouses and Offices

Cost-effective wide clear-span warehouses ensure a fully usable pillar-free interior space. A wide range of accessories such as additional thermal insulation, vehicle doors and more.

  • Luggage areas and handling space

These are the most suitable solution to increase handling capacity. Quick and custom-built buildings that can be leased temporarily or permanently for several applications.

Main Markets

Lightweight High-End buildings made in Italy by means of high quality and certified materials. Design of innovative solutions by using recyclable materials and cutting-edge technology. Cover Technology operates in the following markets:

  • Italy
  • Europe
  • Asia


  • ISO 9001;
  • ISO 14001,
  • ISO 45001, 1090-1 +A1, ISO 3834-4
  • SOA OS 33 III-BIS/ OS 18-A II
  • NATO NCAGE: AH974 / DUNS: 564748494
Technology and Benefits

Aluminium alloy frame

  • Strong: by using special beam profiles, these buildings perfectly fit every environmental condition

  • Lightweight: by ensuring the same strength of the steel, aluminium has a three times lower weight

  • Recyclable: aluminium is 100% recyclable. Environmentally friendly production

  • Reliable: every production process is extremely reliable, repeatable, and monitored

  • Life: thanks to its physical-mechanical features and the resistance to corrosion, the frames are "everlasting"

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Hangar for aircraft maintenance - Custom design in size and features
Hangar for helicopters Quick and effective hangars
Hangar for Aircraft Smart maintenance space
Permanent hangar For everyday activities
Aircraft doors Tailor made big doors
Wharehoses and cargo facilities Buildings and connections
Rapid deployable hangar For big and small aircraft
Maintenance buildings Option and accessories
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Multipurpose hangar with accessories
Warehouses and cargo facilities
Warehouses and cargo facilities
Workshops and garages
Cargo checks areas