IT Solutions Provider for Airports, Airlines and Ground Handlers A-ICE provides value-added IT solutions and integrated applications to Airport, Airlines and Ground Handlers, with specific experience in the implementation and support of mission critical systems. A-ICE relies on its strong relationship with the Air Transport community, addressing and anticipating the needs as they evolve. With over 25 years of experience in this field providing the most up-to-date software and IT solutions to satisfy customer requirements. From passenger and luggage management (A-DCS), aircraft monitoring (A-HDB), airport display information systems (A-FIDS), messaging distribution, our solutions are easy to use, reducing start-up time and costs: plug it in and go live. A-ICE offers a consultative approach, which allows us to tailor each solution to each customer’s individual requirements, after all, each business is run differently. So, when you need simple IT, A-ICE can deliver.

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Products & Services

  • A-DCS: Departure Control System

A powerful, comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of departure, including passenger, baggage and aircraft.

  • A-WBS: Weight and Balance System

Ensuring that the preloading, loading and balancing process is fast, accurate and most importantly, fully safe.

  • A-CUBE: Multi CUTE Client

A unique aviation solution, which transparently transports web applications from/to any customer infrastructure, monitors remote workstation environment, controls remote workstation devices, reads and writes from/to remote devices.

  • A-MDS: Message Distribution System

A Standard-based message switching system that integrates with AODBs and airport sub-systems to simplify communication transfer with the aviation community.

  • A-ODB: Airport Operational Database

Provides highly available data storage and distribution in a controlled and structured way. From seasonal to operative and historic flight information, you can reach the most efficient and cost-effective management of the airport environment.

  • A-SCHED: Flight Schedule

Manages and generates the seasonal flight scheduling with scenarios and daily flight generation.

  • A-FIDS: Flight Information Display System

Easing the flow of the passengers through the terminal by ensuring all relevant information is displayed in the right place at the right time.

  • A-MIS: Multimedia information system

Simplifying your approach to communication and giving you greater control though a single, centralized solution, where you will be the director of your contents, by designing your layouts and palimpsests.

  • A-SCP: Security check point

Designed to improve airport security by providing advanced tools for tracking passengers movements through security gates, analyzing statistics, and reporting anomalies or alert situations.

  • A-HDB: Handling database

Supporting ground handlers manage turnaround with a comprehensive, real-time view of flight operations and punctuality of services.

  • A-CBS: Contract and Billing

Contain and manage data and rules to easily compute airport fees and handling charges in one fully-integrated, compliant package.

  • A-BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System

Giving you confident that every bag and container in the system is accurately and securely tracked at every point, IATA 753 compliant.

  • A-VMS: Vehicles Maintenance System

Monitoring the vehicle maintenance and repair process and managing every stage through a single, comprehensive platform.

  • CLOS: Collaborative Logistics Optimization System

An intelligent decision-making software tool designed to accelerate and optimize the planning of military logistics missions.

Main markets

A-ICE’s target market is quite broad, given that our offering is suitable for different players in the aviation market. The airlines market is worldwide and we’re obtaining new customers in this field. A new target is the USA and Air Forces. TARGET MARKETS:

  1. Airport Authorities
  2. Ground Handlers
  3. Airlines
  4. Cargo Airlines and handlers
  5. Military Logistics


  1. Italy
  2. Europe
  3. Middle East
  4. Sub Saharan Africa
  5. Latin America
  6. USA


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • IATA Strategic Partner

Top 10 Airports served by the company

  • Milan Malpensa MXP

  • Milan Linate LIN

  • Gaborone GBE

  • Teheran IKA

  • Istanbul IST

  • Verona Catullo VRN

  • Rome Fiumicino FCO

  • Tel Aviv TLV

  • Bangkok BKK

  • Bari BRI

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