Lithuanian airports chooses Softech’s SARA platform for monitoring noise emissions

Sourced from SOFTECH

After Vilnius International Airport, the largest commercial airport in Lithuania, the airports of Kaunas and Palanga have also chosen Softech’s SARA platform to monitor and control aircraft noise emissions.

SARA is a complete noise monitoring solution, it includes monitoring terminals, equipped with acoustic class 1 instruments which will continuously collect noise data. This data is then transferred to the Softech software installed at Vilnius Airport.

SARA is a scalable and modular solution with an intuitive graphical interface. It has been designed by Softech for sound engineers and technicians to assist and facilitate them in their everyday work.

The software correlates noise levels with aeronautical activities to calculate quality indexes, as determined by current regulations, the ground footprint and evaluate noise procedures infringements.

Being multi-airport, the software will not have to be installed in each of the airports, but the configuration already operating since 2018 at Vilnius airport will simply be expanded.

No additional installations or licenses are needed, one single platform for all airports, a solution much appreciated by multi-airport management companies as is the case of Lithuania.

Softech will also provide Noise Office services to support the user with specialized training, during the use of the system and for the review of the reports to be delivered to the authorities.

The collaboration between Softech and Lithuanian airports dates back to 2018, and over the years it has grown and strengthened, demonstrating Softech’s way of working which is strongly customer-oriented and product innovation focused.

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