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Sourced from Gilardoni

We recently had an interview with Daniel Bonazzi, Sales Engineer at Gilardoni. Gilardoni offers a complete line of security solutions. It’s well known for its X-ray systems born out of the research and production laboratory for X-Ray tubes in 1947. After more than 70 years Gilardoni still offers the highest quality X-Ray images in the world and is still 100% Made in Europe. What sets the company aside is that besides being the sole producer in Europe, it also develops and produces every component of the X-Ray Generator itself making it truly unique.

Hi Daniel, can you introduce yourself?

Daniel Bonazzi: I am a Sales Engineer at Gilardoni. My main role is to focus on understanding the market requirements and the developments needed for security systems, I translate these into specifications for R&D and to use these for supporting our Business Development. I work with sales either direct or indirect via our business partners and support them from a technical perspective.

How does Gilardoni support airports?

Daniel: ”We are well known for our X-Ray systems for bag screening to detect what is inside the bags with a full range of products that screen hand baggage, carry-on bag solutions and we also have products for pallet scanning used by shipping companies. These can even scan the biggest dimensions.”

Gilardoni has been in the airport business for a long time. What makes the company so special?

Daniel: “Gilardoni has been in the airport business for a long time, we have been focusing on X-Ray baggage scanners since long. We are the only producer that is still producing its solutions in Europe. We offer security in an end-to-end model from the design to the installation of the systems including the maintenance services, so we can offer a truly complete offer to airports. In our Italian operations we have a large number of technicians that help airports remain operational when it comes to security screening. In most of our markets outside of Italy we work with a high quality network of business partners that get trained on the Gilardoni equipment so they can offer the same quality of service as our own technicians.

Can you tell us a bit more about the latest generation of solutions you launched?

Daniel: “We recently launched the Breva ATRS system (named after a wind “ La Breva” that is very known in the Lake Como region – where we are situated -, this wind allows for surfing on the lake on a daily basis). This new automated system for the security checks at the airport is a modular system of rollers that automatically takes the bags through the X-Ray screening. The passenger takes back his bags at the end and the system then goes back to its starting position. What makes the system unique is that it is a modular system that can be easily customized for any airport and easily expanded – hence modular – in function of the passenger flow. We combined an excellent design with the lightness and the speed of the system, not to forget the modularity which also means we offer a long term sustainability of the system.

Can you share any recent airport references for the new Breva?

Daniel: “Our latest Breva system has been selected by the Milan based airports of Linate and Malpensa which acquired 28 systems which a further extension foreseen for Milan Malpensa. We have also won two new airports in Romania where we will also install the same systems. Customers like the nice design but also the ease of use and again… the modularity of the system.

What are for you the key trends when it comes to X-Ray screening solutions?

Daniel: “We see that in the main tenders in our segment there is a growing need for more integrated solutions, like the integration between X-Ray and ATRS systems. This is due to the  rapid increase of passenger numbers. This means that a larger number of people have to move faster through security screening. The integration allows us to collect data faster without losing any data quality and the need for a standardized set of information that the airport security staff gets to see in one comprehensible overview. That is also why we focus a lot on the development of new software updates so we can reduce any false alarms and help the operator reduce potential human errors. Summarized: the quality of data, the speed, the reduction of any human errors but at the same time achieve the best detection rates, that is what we see as key trends and where we focus on as company.”

To know more about Gilardoni and its security offering, check out this link.

The brand new Breva ATRS at Milan Malpensa.