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Forte Secure Group: an innovative video analysis system for the social distancing maintanance


Forte Secure Group, an Italian company specialized in security training and leading provider of integrated security projects mainly for large companies, has recently designed “Inter-Homines”, a video analysis system for monitoring people flows in real time in order to check the social distancing maintenance, using the CCTV system already installed in the area.

Thanks to the so called “deep learning”, the artificial intelligence can also foresee and report gatherings making the areas of our daily life safer. The system has been developed to evaluate the social distancing, but also to calculate the contagion risk level of the monitored area, despite that is a public place, private house or work place. In fact all the acquired informations are making a relation between the interpersonal distance and the space available (the volume) in the area. The system has been validated by the Modena University team of epidemiologists.

The project core, which is the video analysis system, is made by a small hardware and its related software, which is connected via a LAN network between the camera and the DVR. The software is customized according the customer needs and it is able to monitor people flows inside a specific area, detecting situations with a higher contagion risk given by crowds or by not respecting the social distancing . When the risk is detected, the system sends an alert to the control room and can be associated with a combination of preset video and aural messages. When the program detects the presence of a number of people close to the limit, it can stop the access to the specific area acting directly on the access control, stopping the access to that area until the flow of people has gone through, or sending an alert tho the security staff. Thanks to a software installed in the CCTV system, people flows are checked inbound and outbound, in order to actively monitor the number of people, their position and the possible movements inside the monitored area.

Inter-Homines function is based on complex techniques of Computing vision and artificial intelligence, which are divided in 3 main steps:

  • People Detection: a neural network, “trained” via real and synthetic (digital) examples, that recognizes people profiles inside the monitored area.
  • Bounding Box: It si the creation of “digital boxes ” that keep inside the identified people ’ s profiles. Every box is then analyzed by a second neural network that precisely locates 2 points on the person, the head and the feet. This step main targets are the creation of the bounding boxes and the identification of the people ’ s coordinates on the screen.
  • Risk Rating: The coordinates detected during the previous step, are now analyzed to calculate the interpersonal distance and the contagion risk in the area. This is based on an evaluation model certified by Modena University epidemiologists. Project functionality The project is a very good example of great team work between firms, precisely those are Forte Secur Group e Spinn, University (artificial intelligence department at the Engineering school of Modena University) and the innovative start up GoAtAI.

One of the project purposes is to monitor the interpersonal distance and to have an alert in case of gatherings, in order to reduce the COVID19 pandemic risk. The use of the system induces people to self learn the respect of keeping a safe distance via video and aural alerts, educating the people in a soft way and without the necessity of dedicate staff for access control and flows checking.

Article by Forte Secure Group