ewo opens U.S. branch

Sourced from ewo S.r.l.

ewo opens U.S. branch

Italian lighting manufacturer ewo establishes its market presence in North America by opening ewo USA, LLC, its first subsidiary across the Atlantic.

“The American lighting market is the biggest worldwide and offers incredible potential. At ewo we are continuing our plans for expansion, and I believe it’s now an ideal time as well as a natural next step for us to grow our network and business overseas”, says Hannes Wohlgemuth, CEO of ewo.

When renowned lighting expert Juergen Boenisch, who has worked in the North American exterior lighting industry for almost a decade, met Hannes Wohlgemuth, it became immediately clear that they share an outstanding passion for high-quality lighting, along with the common vision to provide forward-thinking excellence in every detail involving lighting.

“ewo has the instinct to quickly recognize new trends in this fast-paced market – ahead of time – and dedicates perfectionism to engineering while setting new standards. Moreover, it’s remarkable to observe their rigorous attention to the customer in creating an ideal and often very individual solution to their specific needs”, asserts Juergen Boenisch.

“ewo excels with their superior optical performance, state-of-the-art Italian design, and incredible avant-garde lighting control systems. Their innovative mindset, high skill level, and the energy and enthusiasm they pour into every project just blew me away”, exclaims Juergen Boenisch.

As president and CEO of ewo USA, LLC, Juergen Boenisch brings a deep understanding of the North American exterior lighting market and extensive experience in establishing and growing businesses. With its new location in the Boston area and a dedicated team, ewo USA is well-positioned to provide cutting-edge lighting solutions, exceptional customer service, and fast response times across the United States and Canada.

It is ewo’s mission to increase wellbeing in public spaces through an intelligent, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing use of light – and ewo is ready to inspire and collaborate with North American lighting designers and sales rep agencies to create feel-good spaces.

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