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EUROCONTROL – Aviation Sustainability Summit, 22 November 2021

European aviation has filed the flightpath to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 – but how easy will it be to reach this hugely challenging destination?

The thought leaders at the summit – top airline and manufacturing CEOs, legislators and innovators – will be sharing their insights on just how European aviation plans to deliver on the European Green Deal goals, and how they see transport and mobility evolving in the years ahead.

EUROCONTROL is facilitating a pan-European stakeholder collaborative approach to respond effectively to aviation’s sustainability challenges, as  identified in the European Green Deal, to optimise air traffic management and the wider aviation sector.


  • contributes to environment research and innovation programs to reduce the impact of noise, CO2 and other emissions, as well as condensation trails on the environment. It operates EU’s ETS and CORSIA support facilities to help national authorities and aircraft operators meet their reporting obligations.
  • develops innovative state-of-the-art data-driven suites of models to assess environmental impacts and develop scenarios.
  • contributes to increasing operational environmental performance by developing advanced metrics, best practices, tailored training and topical webinars to increase awareness in aviation sustainability.
  • contributes to inform and trigger constructive debate articulated around our Think Papers and Sustainability Briefings.
  • supports the adoption of sustainable aviation fuels, and integration of new entrants, such as UAVs and flying taxis.

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