Air Tech Italy Member Entermed on the importance of the Middle East

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In the frame of the 2023 Dubai Airport Show we asked several of our members about their novelties, why they attend the show and what people can expect by visiting our Air Tech Italy Members at the Italian Pavilion. In this context we spoke to Intermed and Datalogic, why are they present at the show? Why should airports visit them and much more.

We spoke to Fabio Giannilivigni of IT provider Entermed. Specialized in emergency solutions for the airport industry.

Hi Fabio, can you introduce yourself and your company?

Fabio: “I am Fabio Giannilivigni and am the Marketing Manager of Entermed. Entermed started operating in 1998 and we have been active in the airport market since 2010. We saw the big potential for vertical applications as ours, especially with our suite of products called HEELP – Handling Easy Emergency Local Procedure – a powerful IT solution dedicated to airports and aviation companies. One of the requirements established by ICAO is the need for airports to put emergency procedures in place, these are required for when aircrafts are in need.  Before HEELP the emergency processes were mostly managed on paper which is not very user friendly. We have translated these emergency processes into our software that distributes all information to the different stakeholders automatically. The system allows for a clear communication between stakeholders, when the aircraft communicates then the information should always be clear without any possibility to misinterpret it.”

There are three levels of communication

(a) Notification of all concerned stakeholders

(b) Management of an Emergency situation e.g. what does the fire station (and all others) need to do according to the procedures for that specific type of aircraft (based on a customized checklist).

(c) Recovery of the business, making sure the airport can recover its business operations fast.

The HEELP system handles different kinds of applications, from the aircraft emergencies to terrorist attacks, dealing with unruly passengers, severe weather conditions, unforeseen obstacles,  etc…. the system is capable of handling a wide series of emergency situations and has proven to be extremely valuable for airports.

The system was launched at first in Italy where the system has been implemented in 20 airports, our second region is the Middle East and the system has over the years been implemented at airports in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar. An important region with still many opportunities in other countries in the Gulf.

What makes Enter Med so special in terms of offering?

Fabio: “I would say flexibility, the flexibility to handle all different kinds of applications. By using AI and algorithms we can easily manage changing situations even within the same categories so the system continues to evolve just like the environment in which it operates continues to evolve.

Another key aspect is that the solution can easily be customized in function of the airport’s specificities.

Thirdly we have developed systems for both airports and heliports suited to manage landing and take-off and we have now developed a unique new solution for vertiports. It’s a unique solution as I do believe we are one of the first on the market and it illustrates that as the market evolves so do we, by adding new elements, integrating new technologies and focusing on new markets. We are like our systems: fully prepared for the future.”

What are you expecting from the Dubai Airport Show?

Fabio: “It’s a very important show, we have been there since 2016 and this for two reasons:

  • There is a great market for us, a market that is open to innovation, a critical aspect for our solution and approach
  • The event is great for having interesting discussions, better understand how the market is changing but also to be and understand the market, what our competitors are doing and to discuss (potential) partnerships with other companies. We are present with other companies at the show (where we are integrated in their offer) besides having our own booth at the Italian Pavilion.”

Thank you Fabio. Entermed will be at Stand # S2110-4 at the Italian pavilion in Hall 2 from May 9th till May 11th. To know more about Entermed, visit

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