Air Tech Italy Member Datalogic on expanding in the Middle East.


In the frame of the 2023 Dubai Airport Show we asked several of our members about their novelties, why they attend the show and what people can expect by visiting our Air Tech Italy Members at the Italian Pavilion. In this context we spoke to Intermed and Datalogic, why are they present at the show? Why should airports visit them and much more. In this interview we spoke to Datalogic’s Emanuela Sanitate on the importance of the region for Datalogic.

Emanuela, can you introduce yourself, your role and your company?

My name is Emanuela Sanitate, I am the ISM Regional Account Manager EMEAI at Datalogic ISM (Industrial Marking & Scanning). I manage the global accounts in the EMEAI region, these include companies like Amazon, DHL, FedEx … but also our airports business. Our scanning systems are used to read all the luggage tags in airports in order to be correctly sorted.  Datalogic’s scanning solution was the first one to be installed in Europe to read barcodes at an airport  way back in 1984 (Milano Linate). Datalogic celebrated 50th year anniversary in 2022 and we are looking forward to upcoming years of new successes.

What makes Datalogic’s offer so special?

Emanuela: “There are two important elements why airports select us.

  • Great references, we have a long time experience with the different technologies used, we have built up a well-known reputation and are highly respected because of the quality and the innovativeness of our approach and solutions.
  • Our full end-to-end solution. While many others use one technology for example camera based solutions we have the full offering including cameras, scanners and much more … guaranteeing the highest read rate because of this mix of technologies we use to recognize the baggage. Our scanners not only read the codes but we can integrate RFID, OCR and Videocoding, which means the success rate of our solutions “reading” the baggage are much higher. We can guarantee that 99,9% of all baggage arrives at its destination. On top of this, we offer a dashboard with all key datapoints for our customers so they have a real time view as to what is happening. Linked to that we offer services like predictive maintenance which means we can detect potential failures before they happen, avoiding any downtime.”

What are you expecting from the Dubai Airport Show?

The Middle East  is an important region for Datalogic. We want to expand our presence in the Middle East as part of our growth plans and the Dubai Airport Show is an ideal occasion to reach out to the market. We have currently some nice references in the Middle East including Doha Airport, part of the World Football Cup 2022 program, Jeddah Airport, Dubai Airport and Abu Dhabi Airport but we want to further grow the market.

The event will allow us to enter in direct contact with many airports in the region, it’s important that they know who we are, why our offer and technology stand out and what can be achieved by choosing Datalogic. At the same time we also want to expand our relationship with system integrators that integrate our solutions in their offer. Our ambition is to become the preferred supplier for both airports and system integrators.

Datalogic can be found at the Dubai Airport Show on Booth # S1245 as part of the Data Capture Systems LLC booth.

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