AIR TECH ITALY Board Of Directors Renewed


New Board for Air Tech Italy elected during Air Tech Italy Assembly November 30th

Hosted by the Guglielmo Marconi Airport in Bologna, the Annual Meeting of Air Tech Italy (ATI), was held on November 30th. The Assembly was organized to elect the new Board of Directors of the association for the three-year period 2023-2026.

Giulio De Carli, Managing Partner of One Works, who has led the Association for the past 3 years since its inception, was confirmed as President while Alessia Forte, President of Forte Secur Group was confirmed as Vice President.

Alongside him the following Members of the Board of Directors were nominated:
-Carlo Criscuolo, owner of TE2C and Advisor for the Airfield segment;
-Roberto Weger, Communication Manager of Sitti and Advisor for the ATM segment;
-Alessia Forte, President of Forte Secur Group and Advisor for the Construction and Services segment;
-Andrea Cesarini, CEO of Aviogei and Advisor for the GSE segment;
-Marco Labricciosa Gallese, Partner at A-ICE and Advisor for the IT segment;
-Marco Colombo, Manager of Tecno and Advisor for the Terminal segment-.

The Assembly was an opportunity to look at the association’s past realizations but also define the focus for the future.

ATI was founded in 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic with the aim to bring together for the first time in Italy, the main players in the aviation sector, which, overall, today represents a turnover of more than 2 billion euros.

Key players have all been united by excellence in what they do and the ability to offer cutting-edge products, technologies and services in a key economic segment with an important potential for growth, the latter aspect being a pivotal pillar of the Association.

During the first three years, the Association has strengthened its visibility on an international level, increasing the number of its Members by 65% compared to the number at the start, going from 2 missions abroad in the first year to as many as 7 in 2023, accrediting itself during main industry events, including Interairport Europe, the Dubai Airport Show, the Saudi Airport Exhibition, Passenger Terminal Expo, collaborating with various Italian airports in the area of sustainability, a major driver of the sector’s development in the coming years.

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The full press release on the new Management team (in Italian) can be found here.