Air Tech Italy Members at the Saudi Airport Exhibition – December 19 and 20 – Riyadh


Will you join us and all Air Tech Italy Members in Riyadh?

Air Tech Italy and leading Italian aviation companies will be heading to Riyadh for the second edition of the Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023 on December 19th and 20th. The Saudi Airport Exhibition is the largest dedicated airport event in the Kingdom, focused on Saudi Arabia’s massive airport expansion and modernization requirements.

The Saudi air transport sector has contributed approximately $20.2 billion to GDP, with an additional US$16.2 billion spent by foreign tourists in 2018. Projections indicate a remarkable growth of 126% over the next 20 years, generating around US$82.3 billion of GDP and almost 1.2 million jobs by 2037. 

Air transport is integral to achieving the Vision 2030, as Saudi Arabia aims to connect with over 250 destinations and secure a spot among the top five global air passenger transit hubs. It is expected to experience the fastest passenger traffic growth in the Middle East from 2020 to 2040, with clear plans to expand the current passenger capacity at over 15 airports to 330 millions by 2030 (or x3 the number it is now) alone. This expansion will have a huge impact on the need for new solutions, approaches, products and so much more hence why the best of Italian aviation meets in Saudi Arabia at the exhibition.

You can catch up with the 16 Air Tech Members including A-ICE, Custom, Datalogic, EWO, FAAC Technologies, Fibrenet, Forte Secure Group, Leonardo, Luxsolar, MobiMESH InPiazza, OCEM Airfield, One Works, Rodeco, Softech and Tecno in the Air Tech Italy Pavilion Booth @2160 on December 19 and 20.

The Air Tech Italy Pavilion is one of the biggest country Pavilions at the event so certainly worth the visit.

Air Tech Italy Members that will be present at the event on the Italian Pavilion:

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