The Italian Pavilion at Passenger Terminal 2024: a unique end to end airport set up


Air Tech Italy has its own Italian pavilion at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Frankfurt from April 16th till April 18th, Booth B.31

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As excellent passenger experience is critical for the profitability of airports, Air Tech Italy showcases how airports can improve the passenger experience for airports and airlines.

Airlines and airports share the need to develop customer-centric strategies to improve the passenger experience in all phases of air travel. This is where Air Tech Italy, the Italian association grouping the leading Italian providers of airport and airline solutions will present a unique way of illustrating how its Members address the airport’s transformation to become truly passenger centric.

At the Passenger Terminal Expo Air Tech Italy Members A-ICE, Datalogic, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Ewo, Gilardoni, Informa Sistemi, Italcer, Mobimesh, Naitec, One Works, Reco 3.26 and Tecno spa have joined forces to present the leading innovations and solutions to enhance the travel experience.

At the event, Air Tech Italy Members showcase jointly the full journey of a passenger at the airport, from arriving at the airport, to understanding where (s)he needs to go, from a hassle free bio-metric ID check to smoothly getting a boarding pass, passing through security and moving to the airport facilities to relax and shop and benefit from a great entertainment offer while waiting comfortably to be called to the gate.

What makes this collaboration unique is the seamless flow by which passengers move faster to the gate from where they can fly to any destination in the world.  

Passenger experience is all about establishing a series of seamless transitions from one aspect of the airport customer journey to another. From check-in to facial biometrics security, from security to the lounge or retail area, every part of the journey is linked together through a series of airport customer experiences. Realizing a great end-to-end experience starts with the full design of the airport facilities and Is supported by digital twin technology that accurately replicates the airport set-up enabling the  optimization of operational processes and passenger flow management.

The easiness by which passengers travel through airports has a substantial financial benefit, according to ACI research, every 1% increase in global passenger satisfaction generates an additional 1.5% in non-aeronautical revenue and that doesn’t even consider the impact of loyalty on returning passengers.

Airports are faced with three challenges:

  • the digitalization of airport operations
  • the uniqueness of the passenger experience through innovative approaches and solutions and
  • the need for far going sustainability. 

These challenges are all addressed by Air Tech Italy and its Members, closely collaborating to create important benefits for airports and airlines, who get access to all the latest passenger experience solutions through one partnership. Aviation is one of the most important segments for the Italian industry and Air Tech Italy represents the most important solution providers that support airports, airlines and ANSPs worldwide.

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Unique Showcases illustrate the seamless Passenger Experience

Discover underneath the different showcases from the Air Tech Italy Members, watch out as there will be more to come.

Reco 3.26

Airport Process: Passenger Experience , Border Control and Safety & Security

Reco 3.26 is an innovative SME, specialized in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Computer Vision and Video Analysis. It offers innovative, sustainable and customized computer vision solutions to companies and other entities around the world.

The company is able to respond to customer needs in terms of: Security and Access Control; Intelligent Passenger Flows Management and Border Control; Recognition of faces, behaviors and emotions; Quality control; Object recognition; Logistics & Supply Chain Services; Training and Exams; Health; Smart Cities. Customers using  Reco technologies operate in: Public Administration and Public Services; Airports and Ports; Stadium; Commerce and Transportation; Industrial Production and Manufacturing; Finance; Telecommunications and Tertiary. Reco website: Linkedin:

Showcases at the PTE

Reco 3.26’s Face2Fly solution is used to verify the passenger’s identity through facial biometric recognition technologies. It tracks the passage from the various checkpoints at the airport and verifies that the subject is authorized to access the boarding gate.

Face2Fly includes the following operational workflow:

  • Passenger enrollment via the Welcome Kiosk located on the “land side” of the Airport;
  • Use of the Mobile App to match a boarding pass to the passenger profile (created at the airport), using the identity document as a unique key;
  • Accessing the Security Lane using a facepod;
  • Check at Xray Security;
  • Boarding via Facepod equipped with 2 monitors, one for passenger identification and the other for feedback to the operator.


Airport Process: Apron lighting


ewo is the forerunner in the use of LED technology for large areas, the company’s work reflects attention to the highest standards in airport and logistics lighting. ewo products are installed in varying environments, from large global hubs to small regional airports, proving themselves robust enough for a Siberian winter and reliable enough for Arabian heat. LED technology reduces the need for maintenance, with ewo modular construction substantially simplifying the repair process and is of course key to energy savings.

Showcases at PTE

ewo will present its R–System gen4 floodlighting at the airport

The R-System is ewo’s solution for lighting large areas. The improved, fourth genera­tion of the R–System family combines reliabil­ity and increased perfor­mance. With new lenses and drivers, R–System gen4 reflects the market’s most important demands in a high-perfor­mance, flexible product family with great modular­ity. The outcome is a compact product family that can meet our customers’ expectations even better.

Some of the novelties shown at PTE:

  • The new lenses AP10 for a better light distribution joining the apron lighting masterpiece EP09
  • The R1 improved up to 70 klm to have a compact solution for street, area and sport applications
  • The R2 with 336 LEDs achieves a light flux of 175 klm, replacing low-current R4 configurations at a significantly better price
  • New remote driver IP66 with power supply up to 400 V


Airport Process: Check-in


Gilardoni is an Italian company founded in 1947 on Como Lake by the visionary Arturo Gilardoni. It is based on innovation and Research & Development of X-Ray sources and related applications. The company has a wide portfolio of products for the security markets, both X-ray imaging for Aviation and non-Aviation business.

Showcases at PTE

  • BREVA TRS is the most advanced, modern and efficient tray handling system for airports and can perfectly be integrated with all X-ray baggage control systems. It has been designed and developed with the specific aim of increasing airport security while improving the quality and the experience of passenger travel. See more here TRS Breva – tray handling system for airports – Gilardoni security
  • ARGO: the latest X-ray scanner developed to examine baggage, mails and parcels for any delimited areas. The system is ECAC certified at 0.3m/soc that allows a theoretical maximum 50% increase of troughput and it has the smallest footprint of it’s category. See more at ARGO – Gilardoni


Airport Process: Check-in


Datalogic is a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, its assists airlines and airports in addressing baggage traceability gaps by providing comprehensive solutions compliant with IATA standards. In addition to handheld scanners for baggage check-in and mobile computers for baggage reconciliation, Datalogic offers baggage tracking solutions on automated belts using stationary industrial barcode reading technology. These solutions are not only easy to implement but are also highly customizable to meet any material handling requirements.

Showcase at PTE?

Datalogic showcases its ATR solution (Automatic Tag Reader), a high-performance solution in baggage tracking & sortation applications, addressing the demanding requirements of airport applications. These typically demand high throughput, maximum reliability, and easy maintenance. Continuous, uninterrupted operation is provided by the Datalogic Redundant System (REDS). REDS rapidly responds to any system failure and automatically activates the backup hardware.

Products are designed to minimize any on-site maintenance activities and, in the case of a failure, provide a complete automatic backup without the requirement for external interaction.


Airport Process: Passenger experience


inPiazza is a Customer Journey driven platform created by MobiMESH inPiazza srl. MobiMESH inPiazza has been on the market since 2008, providing Wi-Fi and Marketing platforms to the major Telcos, to several system integrators and end users, working with more than 300 customers including retail chains, malls, airports, tradeshows and public administrations.

Showcases at PTE?

The inPiazza solution is the Location Analytics and Marketing Automation platform powered by AI to drive the Passenger Journey. inPiazza Wi-Fi Engagement is the perfect onboarding tool to engage passengers in a frictionless airport experience and to provide commercial and travel information in the right place and at the right time. The innovative platform, composed of three modules, provides tools for Wi-Fi Engagement, Proximity Marketing, Location Analytics and Indoor Digital Wayfinding.

At PTE MobiMESH inPiazza will be presenting a series of new functionalities:

    • 2Guide indoor navigation system allows passengers to find and follow the shortest path inside the terminal with a single click, without downloading a dedicated mobile app and without needing a location infrastructure.

    • Conversational marketing: profiled messages and customer satisfaction surveys can be conveyed through conversational channels (i.e. WhatsApp), and push notifications, with the highest conversion rate.

    • Video Advertising: customized digital advertising shown at the time of passenger Wi-Fi connection in a customizable splash page. Advertising space for all terminal brands and services.

One Works

Airport Process: Airport Design


One Works is Italy’s leading aviation design and consultancy firm, working together with airport operators, carriers and investors around the world to deliver safe, efficient, sustainable airport operations and development, whilst retaining a focus on quality and passenger experience.

Showcase at PTE?

At the show, One Works will illustrate its leading competences in supporting airports around the world, from developing long-term master planning strategies for managing capacity and commercial value to optimizing and refurbishing existing assets

With a strong background in airside and landside planning, flow management, and infrastructure design, One Works experienced professionals work hand-in-hand with airport operators and stakeholders to prepare and deliver strategies in all areas of airport operations.


Airport Process: Total Airport Management


Naitec is the answer for airports seeking cutting-edge digital solutions that seamlessly integrate, optimize and streamline operational management. Naitec has a wide range of modules, all fully implemented and maintained in-house, to provide comprehensive solutions for each specific airport process. Naitec solutions are meticulously designed to enhance the cooperation among the different involved parties, optimize processes and improve performances.

Showcases at PTE

Naitec will unveil the Entry Exit System Simulator, a new integral part of Pax Flow Simulation, which also functions as a standalone service. This innovative tool forecasts passenger flows at various touchpoints of Extra-Schengen arrivals/departures.  With the user-friendly web interface, importing airport flight plans and configuring processing parameters for border control touchpoints, works seamless. Each simulation offers detailed predictions of passenger presence curves, highlighting peak times, expected waiting durations, and critical touchpoints at specific intervals. This invaluable information facilitates resource planning, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

Some of other novelties shown at PTE:

    • Apron AI Turnaround Management – AI video analytics optimize the turnaround process

    • Airport Management System – Streamline operations for airport operators and handlers

    • ALFA Lost & Found Automation – Introducing our Lost & Found solution in the Cloud

    • ABC eGATES – The latest release of our solution, compliant with Entry Exit System regulations

Tecno SpA

Airport Process: Terminal & Lounge


Since 1953, Tecno combines an artisanal culture with industrial methods, knowledge of materials and innovation, design and technology, creating distinctive interior architecture and iconic furniture. With 47 patents, projects completed in 45 nations, 5 Compasso d’Oro awards and various honors, Tecno embodies a pioneering vision and a new design idiom, envisioning an innovative way to imagine and build. With offices in Milan, Paris, London, and New York and a network of partners, Tecno is leader in furnishings, partitions, and seating systems for offices and institutional spaces, stations and airports, lounges and hospitality facilities.

Showcase at PTE?

Since 1982, Tecno has provided support for public seating projects at all scales, offering its organizational skills, high performance standards, ability to customize various layouts, and guaranteed quality over time. For airports and stations, Tecno’s furniture and seating systems respond to the needs of high traffic areas at gates and in lounges, railway facilities and metro stations, as well as collective areas in museums and institutions. Transit and interchange areas become comfortable and flexible hubs, suitable for different types of users and equipped with all necessary technological supports for electronic devices, including temporary workstations. With this integrated vision of waiting areas, Tecno will showcase at Passenger Terminal 2024 Tecno a welcoming lounge featuring Laetitia sofa, P32 armchair and Archipelago modular soft-seating system with Solenoidi side tables.


Airport Process:  Design & Planning


The Engineering Group, consisting of over 70 companies in 16 countries, has been supporting the continuous evolution of companies and organizations for more than 40 years, thanks to a deep understanding of business processes in all market segments, fully leveraging the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies and proprietary solutions.

Showcase at PTE?

During Passenger Terminal 24, Engineering will showcase its approach to the Digital Twin and show how it can be used to optimize operational processes, passenger and cargo flow management, security and sustainability. How can AI applied to airport environments and bring significant productivity gains? What are the benefits of using drone-based inspection services and which drones can perform inspections and do the monitoring of airport infrastructure? At the fair, Engineering will illustrate the advantages of the Digital Twin approach and illustrate all solutions that support the monitoring of the performance of airport operations.



The Italcer Group’s mission is to create high quality products for consumers, customers and professionals of the world of architecture, by combining beauty and innovation in a sustainable perspective that respects our environment and natural resources

The Group operates in the design surfaces market as a multi-specialist, developing high-quality ceramic products for indoor and outdoor use with a focus on innovation, design and environmental sustainability. To-date, the Group’s catalogue of ceramic products comprises some 209 collections, designed to suit different types of customers, including B2B, high-end distributors and large retail chains, worldwide. The Group’s sales network serves around 125 countries worldwide, making it one of the leading players in the industry.

Showcase at PTE

The ITALCER GROUP created an innovative single-fired ADVANCE porcelain wall and floor tile, made of 40% recycled raw materials, with antiviral, antibacterial and photocatalytic properties, aiming to contribute to make environments not only aesthetically beautiful, but able to improve the quality of LIFE. The innovation doesn’t stop there. The ALL-OVER technique is a true breakthrough, offering visual continuity between horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The Group thinks beyond the mere manufacturing of ceramic tiles, aiming instead to produce the lasting quality, bringing together beauty strength and surface protection. This is why it does not want to be considered as only “ceramic tiles suppliers” but rather “ceramic tiles partners”, able to provide a complete end-to-end solution.



Aviation – Information & Communication Engineering: Elevating Airport Efficiency

At the forefront of IT solutions for the aviation sector, we introduce cutting-edge products to transform airport, airline, and ground handling operations. Our suite, featuring DCS Message Switching, Aircraft Turnaround Dynamics, Baggage Management, and Aircraft Mass & Balance, is engineered to optimize operational efficiency and enrich passenger experiences. Discover more at

Showcases at PTE?

A-DCS Departure Control System: Streamlines departure processes for passengers, baggage, and aircraft, enhancing efficiency and customer service.

A-WBS Weight and Balance System: Ensures accurate, fast, and secure preloading and loading, adaptable to any aircraft type, meeting the latest industry standards.

A-MDS Message Distribution System: Facilitates seamless data exchange between airport subsystems and the A-ODB, with a fully configurable interface for easy integration into existing setups.

A-HDB Handling Database: Offers ground handling staff real-time access to airport operations data, supporting efficient resource management and operation streamlining.

A-DDS Dynamic Display System: Provides a versatile platform for displaying information across various devices, featuring user-configurable displays and remote monitoring capabilities.

A-BRS Baggage Reconciliation System: A modern solution for airlines and baggage handlers to reconcile and track baggage, enhancing inventory management.

Informa Sistemi


Pioneering digital signage solutions, Informasistemi crafts engaging content experiences for any industry.  Since 2003, their expertise and software transform displays into dynamic communication hubs. From retail stores to transportation terminals, Informasistemi equips diverse spaces with captivating visuals, ensuring a smooth user experience. State-of-the-art technology guarantees high-quality visuals and reliable performance, while a team of dedicated professionals provides end-to-end support, ensuring a successful implementation and a tailored experience for each client.

Showcases at PTE

Informasistemi offers a wide range of LED wall display solutions to meet the specific needs of airports. These solutions can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Dynamic wayfinding signage
  • Advertising
  • FIDS (Flight Information Display System)
  • DOOH: solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor solutions are ideal for use in concourses, terminals, and other airport areas where passengers are looking for information or entertainment. Outdoor solutions are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be used in areas such as parking lots, taxi stands, and baggage claim.
  • Seamless FIDS Integration: screens can be integrated with any third-party content management platform. This allows airports to use their existing content management system to set and update the content displayed on the LED wall.
  • Fault-tolerant LED wall System: Informasistemi’s control systems offers a redundant cluster to ensure high reliability. A redundant cluster is a group of computers that work together to provide a high level of availability and performance. In the event of a failure, the redundant cluster will automatically switch to a backup computer to ensure that the LED wall continues to operate.

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