About Us

We are the Italian Airport Industry Association

Air Tech Italy (ATI) is the leading Trade Association representing Italian companies specialized in supplying products, technologies and services for airports and air-traffic control.

We are the first hub for international clients looking for top-quality Italian companies.

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The Italian way to excellence in the airport industry

The main goal

Providing “integrated solutions” to overseas civil aviation organizations and airport operators, leveraging on Italian high competences and skills.

When our journey started

Founded in July 2020 under the institutional patronage of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) to bring together the excellence of the most successful Italian companies in all airport-related fields.

Airport of the Future

Internationalization, Innovation and Sustainability are the main drivers of ATI Members and joint ATI projects engaged in the creation of the “airport of the future”.

Members Say

Forms of association and networking are useful to constructively bring together knowledges, management solutions and technical competences. The result is a successful network that can analyse and provide concrete and comprehensive solutions to a number of complex challenges that the airport sector faces worldwide.

Alessio Quaranta
General Manager of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Agency)

An Association aimed at creating a system in the airport sector is a good idea. During my long professional career I have often had the feeling that clients, in addressing a big company like Leonardo, want to establish a relationship with a larger network of companies, able to respond to all needs.

Romano Mattei
Senior Marketing Manager Africa 
of Leonardo Electronics

Air Tech Italy is a great opportunity to share experiences and competences of Italian companies. Through the Association the Italian airport industry finally present itself as a country-wide network of companies.
 We believe that ATI will increase and remark international exposure around the world.

Roberto Weger
Communications Manager of SITTI

The airport industry market is characterized by an increasing demand for built-in projects and solutions. The response to this request can only come from collaborative companies and suppliers, who can build synergies. ATI is based on the effective model of a big European airport sector trade association.

Gino Cocchi
Presidente di "OCEM Airfield Technology"
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