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A new product launch from Baglem, the leading “Made in Italy” supplier of aeronautical lighting signaling systems

Baglem is a leading company in the production of aeronautical lighting signaling systems: Aviation Obstacle Lighting (AOL) systems for obstacle warnings during flight, and all luminous signaling lights needed for a complete functional heliport during night operations.

All products are designed, produced, and assembled by Baglem and tested in Italy by skilled technicians and professionals.

The Group, founded in 1972, has been on the market since 1939 and since then have achieved the necessary experience and specific know-how that allows the company today to offer their customers qualified professionals and innovative solutions.

A new product: The Electrical Control panel and Swithcboard QEL 4.0

QEL 4.0 Control Panel is the heart of the heliport; a new electrical control panel to operate and monitor the entire lightning system. Its edge-cutting technology ensures the helipad’s safety and reliability and its ergonomic design facilitates the installation on site.

QEL 4.0 Control Panel is completely customizable according to the needs of the client. It can be powered by the public lowvoltage network, an engine-generator or renewable resources. Our photovoltaic module KITELISOL can provide a power supply even for  helipads far from  electricity networks: an environmentally friendly choice that is a sound investment, employing free and green solar power.

Controlled by remote control, radio receiver, Modbus, Ethernet or GSM module, QEL 4.0 is a low voltage control panel that manages electrical distribution and controls all the appliances through between one and eight independent output circuits, redundant between them.