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3 ATI Working Groups for helping the Association to set up new advanced services.


Air Tech Italy has recently set up  3 Working Groups (WG) following  the three main target drivers of the Association:




The WG are aimed at developing the knowledge of topics and issues which the Members are focused on. Each Working Group, led by a Coordinator, has to define and to build the methods, features and goals of the services offered to the Members

The first WG (Foreign Markets) selects the “target” markets of the Association on the basis of surveys and recommendations from the Members. This WG plans and produces market insights, seminars, business missions and/or trade exhibition participation by Members. The Group is led by Gabriele Giannini, Client Services manager of Ocem Airfield Lighting Technology and ATI Board Member. The WG has recently published the first market report on the EAU market, where ATI has carried out some initiatives and events in 2020-2021 (click here for download the report).

The second WG (Research, Digitization and Sustainability) defines the features of upgraded outlooks on the main available programs, funds and grants for companies, addressed to the RTD and Green sustainability, searching for synergies between the Members for applying. The WG is led by Alberto Torresan, Chief Operating Officer of Naitec (Save Group) and ATI Board Member

The 3rd WG (Tenders) defines the sources and quality of information about the main tenders addressed to the airport system, organizing focused meetings and searching for synergies and collaboration between the Members for applying. The WG is led by Roberto Weger, Communication manager of Sitti and ATI Board Member.

Air Tech Italy is also looking for a relationship with other similar European Associations (such as french Proavia, the German Gate, the UK BAG and the Dutch NAG in order to share the organization of some conferences and networking event aimed at exchanging and sharing practices, studies and insights on the topics and issues above.