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16 Italian companies are set to exhibit at the Saudi Airport Exhibition 2022

Air Tech Italy will attend the Saudi Airport Exhibition, first edition, which will be held on 7 and 8 November 2022 in Riyadh.

The participation will strengthen the presence of the Italian aviation suppliers in the
Middle East and on an international level.

Air Tech Italy, the Italian Trade Association representing Italian companies specialising in the supply of innovative products, technology and services for the airport sector, will attend the first edition of the Saudi Airport Exhibition, which will be held on 7-8 November 2022 in Riyadh.

The Italian delegation – represented by Air Tech Italy – consists of 16 companies, with a wide area of specialisations from valve and part manufacturing, information and communication technologies, lights and warning beacons, GSE, technologies and engineering solutions to a wide variety of aviation equipment. It’s the largest European delegation present at the fair. Most Italian companies are located the Italian Pavilion, open to welcome foreign delegations, Middle Eastern airport operators and local aviation agencies. ICE’s office in Riyadh is supporting the Italian delegation and will organise business meetings at and around the exhibition.

The airport industry is without a doubt a strategic industry supported by a solid increase of passenger and cargo traffic. Italian companies can provide cutting edge goods, technologies and services to allow airports to go for full digitization, sustainability and security.

Italian companies need to improve their market position in the Middle East considering the solid current and future business opportunities in the area. Saudi Arabia is set to relaunch the privatisation plan for its airports, as part of its initiative to diversify its economy. Around 90% of regional airports in the country and 4 out of the 6 international airports, including Riyadh and Jeddah, need to undergo expansion, according to the new National Transport and Logistics Strategy. The plan is expected to help the airport of Riyadh become a global business hub by attracting 330 million passengers a year by 2030.

Furthermore, plans are under way to raise the number of direct destinations served by the country to 250, from the roughly 100 that are currently served.

Italy’s airport industry currently represents around 130 companies with a combined turnover of 2 billion euro. These figures clearly indicate that the Italian aviation/airport industry has remained strong and successful, despite the complications caused by the pandemic and the current economic crisis. Current predictions for the rest of 2022 foresee that this growth will continue on an upward trend, further securing Italy’s position as one of the most dynamic aviation sectors.

An offer of innovative, integrated solutions and projects, typical of the “Made in Italy, in the airport sector” – said Mr Giulio De Carli, President of Air Tech Italy e CEO of One Works – “is the right key to get the attention of Middle Eastern clients and managers of airports interested in products and technologies that allow them to further increase their sustainability, to meet the high standards of security and digitization and bring about important energy savings. The participation at the Saudi Airport Exhibition will help our companies to be successful even in an uncertain market impacted by the pandemic and the current geopolitical crisis. Our future lies in unlocking new markets and making sure to address the opportunities as one organization, representing the best Italy has to offer for the aviation market”.

Find here the full brochure of Air Tech Italy and its members at the event.

Hear our Air Tech Italy Representatives speak:

  • November 7th at 1pm the panel: Stakeholder Collaboration in Achieving the Aviation Vision includes Giulio De Carli, Managing Partner, One Works and President Air Tech Italy
  • November 8th at 4:45pm the panel: Airport Security in the Age of Digital, Pandemic and Disruption includes Federico Lorenzo Forte, Public Relations Manager, General Security Italy – Forte Secur Group.